Welcome to the Lord of Shadow & Flame campaign!

This web page has been created for the Lord of Shadow and Flame campaign G.Med by me (Tanyel) using the Pathfinder RPG system. The campaign is a face-to-face game run weekly and is set in the Forgotten Realms using the Pathfinder RPG rules. The current year is 1369 D.R.

Here you’ll find a host of resources for our campaign including key campaign background and plot information, an adventure log of the party’s past adventures, player character and N.P.C profiles and much more!

The Prophecy of Alaundo – Lord of Shadow & Flame

Lo! When the righteous man doth break the seal of iron, the Herald shall be released once again from darkness. So shall begin the ascendancy of the infernal kindred. The Weaver of Shadows, a master of demons, a man who would be a god, will wage his war.

In the Fallen City, his shadowed army shall seek the power to release the Dark Prince. Unbridled, unfathomable power unleashed. A great battle shall be fought upon the skycastle.

Three signs come to pass – fire and frost, tear of the goddess, day becomes night. When innocent blood is shed on sacred ground, only then the Gate to the Abyss shall be opened.

Woe for the fate of the world! The Prince of Shadow and Flame shall be unleashed upon the world once more. He shall walk Toril and the heavens will burn and the earth shall tremble. Darkness and desolation shall follow in his wake.

So sayeth the Prophet Alaundo.

Lord of Shadow & Flame

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