Lord of Shadow & Flame

27/1/11 – Deal with a Demon

Thorgrimm with help from several of the others, managed to track the slimy trail back to a large open ruin. Within was a large open sewer leading down eighty feet to more tunnels and filled with fetid water. It was clear the creatures must have headed down below. It was at this time that several group members spotted Woz following them at a distance and doing a poor job of it.

Cyrien threw several rocks down covered in light spells to probe the area. This revealed at least one troll who raised its head just above the surface of the water to look up at the disturbance. The group made its way down the hole using a combination of flying, levitation and ropes. Unfortunately Obsidian slipped and fell down into the water below, sending the submerged trolls into a killing frenzy as they attacked! The adventurers managed to overcome the two aquatic trolls with sword, axe, spell and bomb, before heading down a tunnel to the west to explore the ancient sewer further.

Entering another chamber they were ambushed by two more sewer trolls which they swiftly dispatched. Nazool found a chest of treasure submerged below the water and partly buried which the adventurers recovered. Deeper into the sewer the group discovered a narrow tunnel which they all entered, crawling still deeper. The pipe deposited them at the dead-end of another larger sewer tunnel leading down to a larger, water-filled chamber.

It was then that each of the adventurers heard a fiendish voice in their mind. The voice called itself ‘Ghada’ demanded to know why the group was in its lair. Ghada explained that the sewer was its home and they’d killed his minions (the trolls). The adventurers pleaded innocent, saying they were ‘just passing through’, looking for an artefact of great power and making their way southwards underground. Ghada demanded ‘tribute’ and began negotiations with Hawke. The group discovered that Ghada’s troll minions had found the other piece of the armour and returned with it to him.

Before the diplomacy could go any further, Bolder and Obsidian spat a tirade of insults at Ghada, saying they would kill him for the piece of the artefact and that he was a coward for not showing himself, ruining the groups chances of negotiating with the creature. The fiend rose up from the water and attacked saying that they were fools for interloping in his domain and that it would feast of their souls. Before the group could inflict any real harm on Ghada, the fiend spoke blasphemous words of pure evil sending a black wave of energy outwards over the adventurers. The result was devastating, paralysing everyone in the group except Cyrien! Woz and Gaz-Borg managed to pull free of the supernatural paralysis faster than the others, but things looked dire indeed! Bolder and Obsidian were attacked by Ghada and two of his troll minions and very nearly killed, being knocked unconscious and seized by Ghada and his trolls.

Ghada paused and again gave the rest of the adventurer’s the chance to negotiate, saying that he would take Bolder and Obsidian and devour their souls as payment, or if they kept fighting, kill everyone!

The diplomacy began anew, with Hawke, Thorgrimm, Cyrien and Nazool doing much of the negotiations with Ghada. A deal was finally struck, Ghada took Obsidian’s piece of the armour (the rerebrace) also, the adventurers would recover yet another magical treasure from the dragon’s horde – the bejewelled skull of a long-deal half-orc shaman and bring it to Ghada. In return, and Ghada wouldn’t slay them outright! The group has three days to return with the skull. The party left the sewers, alive but minus one artefact.

From there, Cyrien wished to return Blackstar Tower to seek advice from the ghost Tyvar, Nazool wanted to speak to Fritz and try and rouse the gargoyles of the city to war with the demons (such as Ghada). The group’s next goal was the lair of Narlgathra the red dragon and Vindicator.



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