Lord of Shadow & Flame

3/3/11 – Myth Drannor in Flames

The quest to recover Vindicator was finally complete and the demon Ghada slain. The now group set out northwards intent on seeing the Baelnorn Molostroi once more before departing Myth Drannor.

Circling around the city along the fringes of the forest, the adventurers saw the fires in the south of the city in the region around Narlgathra’s lair were burning brightly, more dark smoke rising into the air, choking the sky. The keen-eyed members of the group spotted the red dragon within the smoke, wheeling and diving. Flocks of demons were also present – it appeared a great battle was being fought between dragon and forces of demons.

Moving on, the adventurers heard the flapping of wings as the gargoyle Fritz approached, landing in the canopy of a nearby tree. He was a little upset that they were leaving without saying goodbye, he was also keen to hear news of their adventures and said that he knew it was them that ‘stirred-up’ the dragon. The party denied it, but Fritz didn’t believe them.

The adventurers traded with Fritz, selling much of their unwanted treasure for gems and gold. Towards the end of their meeting Nuzool produced the half-orc jewel-encrusted skull and asked Fritz if he knew anything about it. Fritz said it was clearly a demonic artefact and that the Lord of the Gargoyles would be keen to trade for it. He offered a starting price of 20,000 gold pieces for the skull saying the he could act as mediator between the Lord of the Gargoyles, Hermitus and the adventurers. The party declined, unwilling to sell the evil artefact.

Saying goodbye to Fritz, the group moved on to Molostroi. The elven lich welcomed them back into his crypt-home, noting that Woz was clearly absent. Thorgrimm handed over a wealth of ancient books and scrolls found during the group’s travels as the adventurer’s told of some of their travels along with a letter from Tyvar Blackstar from Blackstar Tower. The elven lich seemed pleased indeed. Molostroi rendered some magical healing before the group got underway to leave Myth Drannor.

Tristan Morningstar and his band of rangers chose to stay and speak with the Baelnorn further. Tristan added that he was planning a raid on a new drow outpost believed to be beneath the forest of Cormathor, so he might not see the group back in Tangeld Trees. The adventurers said they were keen to join him on his next raid into the Underdark, Tristan said he’d consider it.

The party’s journey out of Myth Drannor was much less eventful than their arrival, slipping back down the forest path to the western burial glen, the group re-entered the Starym Family Crypt.

Within the crypt, the party felt as if they were being watched. Casting a Detect Magic spell, Hawke saw a whitish glow coming from a small circle on the western wall of the main crypt. Investigating closer, the adventurers found a small spy-hole. The white glow moved – there was something behind the wall.

Cyrien secretly sent Shaeveril (the elven spirit within the Moonblade, which the rest of the group still didn’t know about), out through the walls of the crypt to look for the creature. She soon reported back (via telepathy) that there was a male elven ghost within.

Cyrien spoke to the ghost, who was apparently the undead guardian of the crypt. Cyrien promised that their group was just passing through and didn’t seek to loot the crypt and he guardian spirit gave the group safe passage.

The adventurers passed back through the tunnels beneath Myth Drannor, the ancient elven burial chamber and finally ascended, returning back to the surface in the forests to the north of Myth Drannor. Circling around the ruined city, heading southward, the party set out on its return journey, making of Tangled Trees first of all.

A few hours into their journey the group heard several deep roars echo from the west and the rumble of large creatures moving rapidly in their direction. With his knowledge of the natural world, Thorgrimm identified the roars as belonging to a bear, or rather several very large bears.

The group readied for battle and a few moments later three massive bears came crashing through the forest, seemingly running from something and in a wild rage. The fight was brief, the adventurers cutting down the wild beasts with little trouble. On closer inspection, the group could see burn marks of the bear’s hides, the fur had been melted and singed. The wounds had been inflicted by acid. Several of the adventurers took teeth and claws from the bears as trophies or to sell later.

The remaining journey through the forest of Cormathor pass uneventfully and the group arrived in Tangeled Trees (complete with elven escort) on day fourteen after setting out from Daggerfalls.

The adventurers spent the rest of the day in the market, buying and selling items, re-stocking and improving their own enchanted items.

Thorgrimm headed to the Temple of Sehanine Moonbow to return the Ring of Communication to Durin. At first he was denied entry by the sentries (due to his last visit), but after laying aside his weapons he was allowed in. There he met with Durin, handed over the ring and told of Woz’s demise. Durin said she hoped he’d found peace.

Cyrien caught up with Durin also and passed on much information as well as making a few requests of his own. Durin was keen to know more of Cyrien’s brother, Renack ‘the Betrayer’. She said that such a traitor should be cast out from elven society. Cyrien considered going before the ruling circle of Tangled Trees to have Renack declared an outcast, but he still had unfinished business with his brother and decided to wait. Cyrien and Lianna were reunited. Lianna was very overjoyed to see Cyrien return safely. That night Lianna invited Cyrien out to a fancy dinner at one of the local taverns.

Nuzool spent some time climbing to the top of the highest tree in Tangled Trees, joining two scouts on watch in their roost. He later tested out his Ring of Feather Falling but floating all the way back down to the ground.

It was early on day fifteen when the group set out from Tangled Trees for Ashabenford. Cyrien decided to stay a little longer to spend time with Lianna, saying he would catch the group up (via Teleportation) in Daggerfalls in a few days.h6. Your title here…



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