Lord of Shadow & Flame

31/3/11 – Return to the Realms

On their return to the Prime Material Plane the group headed straight to the Garrison and sought the most powerful cleric in Daggerfalls – Tunfer the Stout, an old friend of Randal Morn’s. Due to the death magic that killed the three adventurers, Tunfer reported that his magic would not be powerful enough to return their companions to life. Therefore the party was teleported to Morningdawn Hall, the Temple of Lathander in Shadowdale. There Rewel Thunderstorm resurrected the three, forgoing the costs of the casting of the spell (except material components) on account of the adventurers having fallen in battle against the shade Gothyl, an enemy of the light of Lathander.

Once returned to full strength and back in Daggerfalls again, the party met with Elminster to debrief from both their quest in Myth Drannor and battle with Gothyl, as their last meeting had been cut short.

The adventurers told Elminster the tale of their adventures in Myth Drannor. The Old Sage was particularly interested to hear of the Lord of Shadow and Flame prophecy, how they’d acquired the first two pieces of The Arm of Valour and the group’s miraculous resurrection after being slain at the hands of Zaxaris, on which he commented “the Goddess Selune must have a great purpose for you indeed to have bestowed such a gift.”

Narlgathra, Renack, his group and their motives for being in Myth Drannor, the loss of the Crown of Stars and Zaxaris (who would no doubt be someone the group would have to watch out for in the future) were all also topics of the conversation. Elminster warned that kings and arch-mages would kill to get their hands on The Arm of Valour. Such an artefact was extraordinarily powerful, possessing It would change their lives forever, so the group be prepared for anything. Finally the adventurers told of how they had been tricked by Gothyl into opening the seal of iron in the Atrium of Shadows and releasing ‘The Herald’ by mistake and of their battle against Gothyl.

Elminster explained he would do research into the prophecy and The Herald, as he knew little of them. He emphasised the significance of the prophecy and the importance of interpreting its meaning. He advised that they look for the three signs mentioned within. He also told of reports of a powerful female red dragon attacking cities across the north including Hillsfar, Mulmaster and Zhentil Keep. Having heard of how Narlgathra and been tricked and deprived of The Crown of Stars in Myth Drannor, it was most likely the rampaging red dragon was Narlgathra, enraged at her greatest treasure being stolen and seeking vengeance. Elminster reminded the group that it still hand unfinished business in dealing with Narlgathra, finding the rest of The Arm of Valour in Myth Drannor, deciphering the meaning of the Prophecy and also discovering what Renack and his allies were up to.

Thorgrimm and Cyrien each in turn met with Elminster in private to discuss matters, Thorgrimm had concerns that Cyrien was out of control. Elminster took the time to explain what Shaeveril the Elfshadow was. Cyrien consulted Elminster seeking knowledge of the consequences of his soul having been drawn into the Moonblade for a time. Elminster explained that his soul now appeared to be bound to the Moonblade… forever. His elven soul would be denied the paradise of Arvandor. If elf and blade were separated for any amount of time, it would have severe consequences for Cyrien.

The party now had a full month of rest, recoup, study and train as well as time to pursue their own personal goals.

Cyrien met with Renack and the two exchanged a great deal of information. Renack reported that the group left Myth Drannor in chaos after their visit and that his group had found what they had been looking for there. Demons were also now seeking the adventuring party. Cyrien later had once of the antique Blackstar Clan brooches of Myth Drannor enchanted for Lianna when she came to stay at his inn, in preparation for their journey northwards in search for the chalice of Sehanine Moonbow.

Thorgrimm met with Durgen Stonefist and secured an agreement to purchase land in the Dagger Hills and open a mine. The rest of his month was spent forging several new weapons including a pair of claw bracers for Nuzool and three greathammers, the likes of which had not previously been seen in this part of the Realms.

Hawke met with Randal Morn and Tiana, head priestess of the Temple of Haydren, to ‘smooth things over’ following his attempt to have one of his clerics spy on the mysterious new temple. The meeting was a success and Hawke was invited to attend one of the Temple of Haydren’s services, which he accepted.

Nuzool spent time bounty hunting criminals and making potions on request through Hawke’s store.

Gaz-Borg gave the masterwork harp he’d bought in Tangled Trees to Kessla and continued to try and court the beautiful half-elf. He later received a visit from a servant of his Master in the south.



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