Male half-elven cleric of Lathander

Name/race/class/class level(s)/character level

Init. -1


AC ??, touch ?, flat-footed ? (armour, shield, dex, size, natural, deflection, msic)
H.P ??
Fort +?, Ref +?, Wil +?


Speed 30ft.
Melee ? (1d??)
Ranged: ? (1d??)
Space 5ft.; Reach 5ft.
Special Attacks:


Str 10, Dex 8, Con 10, Int 14?, Wis 19?, Cha 18
Base Atk +?; CMB +?; CMD ??

Hero Points:
Destiny Points:
Fate Points:

Special Abilities:

Magical Items:


Hawke knew even from a young age that he would one day devote his life to serving his deity
Lathander. His elven father Magnus, a Warrior Cleric of high rank. His human mother Rynessa, the
head healer of a medical clinic run by the Church. Hawke had no doubt in his mind that he would
follow in his parent’s footsteps.

At the age of 8, he began his days as a servant of Lathander, performing simple tasks around the
temple for the clerics that worked there such as keeping the temple clean or taking a message
across the city to it’s intended recipient. While working around the temple Hawke also took
lessons from the head Preist on the workings of Lathander and the roles of Clerics. The rare days
his parents were home they taught him healing techniques (by his mother) and was trained in combat
(by his father).

On Hawke’s 14th year he was assigned to his first mission as an assist to the guard squad
of a merchant caravan to help protect the traders from bandits and provide healing to the caravan
guards should they fall under harm in any attacks. Hawke stayed with the caravan for many moons
as it traveled from town to town and Hawke picked up many skills from the head trader Grallis who
often explained to Hawke the techniques and tricks to merchanting, and even started taking Hawke
with him when Grallis went to the market square to barter his goods.

One cold winter morning the caravan was attacked by brigands which resulted in a bloody battle in
which one of the guards were slain and several others were wounded. The traders all survived injury
save one: Grallis’ son, Raigal. Hawke tried his best to stop the internal bleeding with his healing
skills but unfortunately nothing could be done to stop the blood from flooding from the young man’s
mouth. Grallis decided to cut his caravan’s journey short and bury his son in his hometown. Hawke
was no longer needed and headed back to the temple.

Upon finally returning to the temple the head priest noticed the changes in Hawke and the skills
he had obtained during his time away with the caravan, suggesting he begin training in the next city
over as a Clerical Diplomat.

Hawke travelled to the next city where he trained as a clerical diplomat for 3 years. He met another
young Cleric-in-training there by the name of Andrich and they shared simlar ideals and interests
and instantly created a bond of friendship between them.

During his training Hawke was assigned as an assistant to an experienced clerical Diplomat to was
sent to stop the fighting between two neighbouring regions. The older Cleric’s name was Darryn and
though his words were few, the ones he did say always spoke wisely. There was much for Hawke
to learn from this man.

Many more months were spent there as lengthy meetings took place each week as Darryn
negotiated with the two countries and gradually deflated the wars and raids to petty quarrels, then
later to nothing but the occasional verbal attack on one another. Trade between the two regions was
established when finally the lord of each side realized that war was not as beneficial to them as

Upon the night returning to the temple while Hawke was gathering wood for that night’s camp a
figure emerged from the shadows confronting Darryn. The stranger blasted Darryn squarely in the
chest with a powerful dark curse and promptly disappeared back into the forest. Hawke returned
soon to find the old man collapsed on the ground bleeding profusely. With his last breaths Darryn
spoke to Hawke: “It was a powerful sorcerer. I sensed evil within this man’s heart and scanned his
mind. He is a weapons dealer. He was spreading false rumors between the two countries to cause
the wars, then profit by supplying both sides with weapons, armour and seige machines.”
Hawke, unable to do anything against the powerful curse wept as Darryn’s final breath left his
lungs. He prayed silently for this great man’s spirit to reach Lathander.

Hawke returned to the temple and informed the leaders there of what had happened and
immediately a small group of battle-clerics were assembled to track and destroy this sorcerer.
Hawke requested to be part of the chosen but was denied due to lack of experience. He was instead
sent on a journey of learning and training to travel from city to city assisting those who needed it.


Lord of Shadow & Flame Thunderhawkk