Gothyl's Treasure


Magic Items:
3 Dwarven Adamantine Breastplate, Spell Resistance 15 (3 slots) = 46,000gp
Boots of Speed = 10,000gp
Belt of Physical Perfection +2 (to Str, Dex, Con) = 16,000gp
Cloak of Resistance +3 = 9,000gp
Winged Boots = 16,000gp
Ring of Protection +2 = 8,000gp
Necklace of Adaption = 9,000gp
Pearl of Power (4th level) = 16,000gp
Tome of Clear Thought (
1 Int) = 27,500gp
Manual of Bodily Health (1 Con) = 27,500gp
Tome of Leadership and Influence (
1 Cha) = 27,500gp

Weapon Enchanting Gems:
Shock Gem
+1 Enchantment bonus Gem

Cure Moderate x6
Cure Serious x4
Cure Critical x2
Inflict moderate x2
Inflict Serious x1
Inflict Critical x1
Cat Grace
Bull’s Strength
Gaseous Form
Protection from Good
Lesser restoration x4
Restoration x2
Poison x2


Gems: (From Gothyl’s Phylactery)
20x 100gp (5x Amber, 5x Amethyst, 5x Jet, 5x Tourmaline)
10x 500gp (2xAlexandrite, 2x Violet Garnet, 2x Black Pearl, 2x Golden Yellow Topaz)
3x 1,000gp (1x Black Opal, 1x Black Star Sapphire, 1x Rich Purple Corundum)

Total Cash & Gems = 25,000gp


Gothyl's Treasure

Lord of Shadow & Flame Tanyel