Cast of Non-Player Characters

Ariton Delmas (male human paladin)
Freedom Rider Captain, has since been made the Constable of Dagger Falls, in charge of dispensing justice. A worshipper of Torm, friend of Obsidian’s.

Ashahina Kenso (male human ninja)
Once the spymaster to the Lord of the Konishi Clan of ninja in the Empire of Kozakura far to the south. Attempted to assassinate his mater and carry out a coup on the clan but failed. Has since fled to the ‘barbaric northern lands’ of Faerun.

Azurah “Webb” (female human wizard)
Leader of The Company of the Ready Shield, an all female adventuring group out of Tantras. The P.Cs met the Company in Myth Drannor; they were seeking an artefact called The Hand of Light, which possesses great healing powers to aid their embattled home city, which is stricken by a terrible plague.

Brennick of Snowmantle (male human fighter) (DECEASED)
An ex-Zhentarim soldier. Captured and later released by the P.Cs on ‘parole’. He was later captured by the Freedom Riders and joined the adventurer’s as a mercenary in service to Cyrien. Was killed by undead shadows on their way to Myth Drannor.

Dulwar (male human rogue)
Dulwar the leather worker runs a shop in Dagger Falls and has a reputation for having the best quality leather items around. During the Zhentarim’s occupation of Daggerdale, Dulwar worked as a spy, gathering information and passing it to the Freedom Riders. It’s also known he once adventured with Randal Morn during his exile.

Durin of Sehanine (female moon elven cleric)
A powerful cleric of Sehanine Moonbow and high priestess of the shrine in her name at Tangled Trees in the forest of Cormanthor. An adventurer and lover of Tristan Morningstar. Durin has a reputation for her striking beauty.

Elminster Aumar of Shadowdale (male human (Chosen of Mystra) fighter/rogue/cleric/wizard)
The Old Sage of Shadowdale and Chosen of the goddess Mystra is not know to suffer fools lightly. One of the most powerful mortal wizards of the Realms, it’s said he has saved the world a dozen times over and more. He spends much of his time off planes hopping and is notoriously difficult to locate.

Ghada (male demon)
A powerful demon the P.Cs encountered in the ruined sewers below Myth Drannor. Almost killed Bolder and Obsidian for insulting him before making a deal with the rest of the party to spare their lives. Took the powerful magical rerebrace Obsidian found, as his own, is also in possession of at least one other piece of the armour.
Claimed to be a part of a larger alliance of demons occupying the ruins of Myth Drannor.

Grimjaw Grimmaldus (male dwarven expert)
Thorgrimm’s uncle. Once served the last surviving King of old Tethymar (exiled) before his recent death. Travelled to Dagger Falls to see Thorgrimm and shared his ambitions of one day reclaiming the treasures of the fallen fortress-city of Tethymar. Passed on a map of a secret entrance to the city and knowledge of a magical key that opens the royal vault. Is helping him scout/set up a mining operation.

Ilthond (male human wizard) (DECEASED)
The leader of the Zhentarim forces in Daggerdale and arch-nemesis to the P.Cs for a time. This powerful wizard occupied the tower in Dagger Falls during his rule. The sorceress Gothyl killed him when she drained his life force.

Lianna of Sehanine (female moon elven cleric)
A young elven adventurer whose group was killed while searching the Border Forests for a holy magical chalice, Lianna was the soul survivor and was enslaved by the brutal war chief Gulab of the Shatterstone tribe. She was rescued by Cyrien, set free and given money to re-establish herself. A romantic relationship has slowly developed between the two. Cyrien has offered to go back and help her complete her quest when she is ready.

Mestin “Troll” Durmark (female human ranger)
Captain of the Freedom Riders, was a part of the battle to retake Dagger Falls from the Zhentarim. Randal Morn has now made Mestin the warden of Daggerdale. She now scouts the countryside with a group of Freedom Riders.

Melrien Redfen (male human wizard) (DECEASED)
A wizard found murdered just outside Ashabenford in Mistledale. Cyrien was at first accused of the murder as a witnesses claim a tall male elf with white hair and wearing a dark blue cloak killed him. He was later acquitted. Melrien’s spellbooks were taken; he was also in possession of a book titled ‘The Tome of Infernal Lore’ – a book detailing the various types of demons and their natures and powers.

Molostroi (male baelnorn (elven lich) wizard)
A good elven lich. Molostroi willingly took on this undead form to remain as a protector of the elven crypts in Myth Drannor. The P.Cs met with him and he offered magical healing as well as access to magical weapons to hep slay demons. Arch nemesis of Zaxaris. Molostroi is very old and very powerful.

Randal Morn, Lord (male human fighter/rogue)
The rightful lord of Daggerdale. The sorceress shade Gothyl kidnapped him and planned to drain him of his life as a part of her evil ritual of power. The P.Cs rescued him from the clutches of the Zhentarim and were instrumental in defeating the Zhents and returning Randal to government after he’d spent decades fighting a guerrilla war against the Black Hand. He still owes many members of the party a debt.

Renack Fellblade (a.k.a “The Betrayer”) (male elven fighter/wizard/eldritch knight)
Cyrien’s darker twin brother, whom, unlike Cyrien, was not blessed with innate magical power. As a boy he was shunned by the people of the Blackstar Clan for being different, dangerous, and even evil. It’s believed that Renack lowered the magical defences around the Blackstar village within the Wealdath forest, which allowed an army of demons, assassins and sorcerers to annihilate the entire Clan. It’s not known who was behind the attack nor if Renack survived the slaughter.

Rewel Thunderstorm (male human cleric/morninglord of Lathander)
The High Priest of Morningdawn Hall, the temple of Lathander in Shadowdale. Known for his political savvy and utter devotion to Lathander’s dogma, patron of arts and athletics contests in the Dales. He is also Hawke’s superior.

Tarbash (male gnome rogue/wizard (illusionist))
A young gnome treasure hunter the P.Cs met briefly in Myth Drannor after his own group had been attacked by demons and wiped-out.

Tharwin One Eye (male human fighter)
An ex-Zhent soldier. Owned the Teshford Arms in Daggerdale. After an incident in his tavern involving Woz magically putting him to sleep, he sought justice in the form of a duel. When Woz again employed magic, Tharwin and his thugs attacked, seemingly intent on killing the wizard. Woz escaped. Later Thorgrimm, Gaz-Brg and Nazool entered his tavern making enquiries as to what had occurred, heated words were exchanged when Tharwin demanded the ‘freak’ leave his tavern and a nasty brawl ensued ending in the arrest of everyone involved. Randal Morn exiled Tharwin and the P.Cs were released with a stern warning. Tharwin certainly holds a grudge against the P.Cs, as they do against him.

Tierimar (male human wizard)
A senior wizard of the Zhentarim working for Ilthond. Helped Toren capture the group. Is believed to have survived the Battle of Dagger Falls and fled with the remaining Zhent forces.

Tristan Morningstar (male wood elven ranger)
A powerful adventurer obsessed with hunting down and slaying the drow. Called ‘The Black Archer’ by Dales folk for his swift strikes against the drow raids. Tristan has a reputation for being moody and dangerous, even by his own kin. He’s famous for having repulsed a drow invasion of Shadowdale and known to consult with Elminster on occasion. His lover, Durin of Sehanine often travels with him.

Tunfer the Stout (male human cleric)
Cleric of Tyr and a trusted friend and advisor to Randal Morn, he acts as the magistrate for Daggerdale. Known for his jovial nature and keen sense of justice.

Tyvar Blackstar (male elven wizard)
Tyvar was a senior wizard of Clan Blackstar who was slain during the invasion of Myth Drannor centuries ago. He lingers on as the ghostly guardian of Blackstar Tower. Has been helpful in rendering aid to the adventurers and opening up the Blackstar Clan treasury to the group.

Jake (human male warrior) (DECEASED)
Mercenary who was once employed by the Zhentarim occupying Daggerdale to assist in keeping order and quelling uprisings by the Freedom Riders. Jake and his fellow mercenaries were defeated by the group, he was taken prisoner and was later employed by the adventurers. He was killed when the group was ambushed infiltrating Dagger Falls.

Keldar Telkarnin (male half-elven wizard)
A wizard advisor in service to Randal Morn. Trained by an ex-War Wizard of Cormyr and fought on the side of the Freedom Riders during the occupation of Daggerdale. He now offers his arcane services to those in Dagger Falls when requested when not busy serving Randal and for the right price.

Kessla (female half-elven bard)
A beautiful half-elven woman and tavern keep of The Red Rock Tavern in Dagger Falls before it was burnt to the ground during the retaking of the town. She has since built a new inn-tavern on the site (thanks to donations from the adventurers) and named n The Twelve Barrels’. Kessla was a spy for Randal Morn and fought for the Freedom Riders during the Battle of Dagger Falls.

Zaron Keshik (male human summoner)
An exiled nobleman, cultist and dabbler in evil magic. Known to summon, commune and make deals with demons. Is known to have infiltrated the churches of Torm and Helm before, sewing chaos and murdering worshippers in bloody rituals before fleeing. Keshik is Obsidian’s nemesis and he has vowed to hunt him down and bring him to justice for his heinous crimes.

Zaxaris (male ilithid sorcerer)
A powerful Mind Flayer sorcerer lairing in the crypts below Myth Drannor, served by a clan of goblins and several Flesh Golems. Is currently in possession of ‘Vindicator’, the powerful magical weapon that the adventurers seek to destroy Gothyl. He is the nemesis of Molostroi.

Cast of Non-Player Characters

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