Character Creation Rules

All stats/equipment must be recorded and a copy submitted to me. Players are responsible for up-dating their character sheets, this includes stat profiles here on the campaign wiki. These character creation rules should be read along with the House Rules.

Rule No. 1: The character must be able to work with the rest of the party. If not, scrunch up the character sheet, throw it away and start with a fresh one!

Ability Scores: Purchase method – use “Epic Fantasy” (25 points) for ability score points (page 15-16 Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook). Max. 18/Min. 8 before racial/level modifications.

Races: Human (any), Gold Dwarf, Shield Dwarf, Moon Elf, Sun Elf, Wild Elf, Wood Elf, Rock Gnome, Half-Elf, Half Orc, Lightfoot Halfling, Strongheart Halfling. (Forgotten Realms 3e pages 9-18). Plus Half-Ogre, Ratkin and Saurian (Tome of Secrets).

Classes: Any class from the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, the Advanced Players Guide. I must approve prestige Classes. Just ask and I’ll discuss it with you.

Level: All new characters joining will currently start at 7th Level. The rest of the party is currently 7th or 8th level.

Alignment: Any Good or Neutral.

Hit Points: All characters get maximum Hit Points for 1st Level (i.e. Fighters get 10, Rogues get 8 etc.). Also, when advancing characters any roll of 50% or less on a Hit Dice roll counts as half Hit Points (i.e. for d10 Hit Dice, any roll of 1-5 counts as 5 Hit Points) Wizards and Sorcerers starting with 1 Hit Point don’t tend to live long, as a stubbed toe can often prove to be fatal! Hit Points should be rolled in front of the G.M.

Starting Cash: 30,000 gold pieces to buy all equipment with. No more than 50% can be spent on a single item. Ignore the bonus equipment for character regions in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3e.

Character Regions: To be chosen from the 3rd Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. As long as it’s believable that your character is currently in the Dales.

Character Background and Aims:
These will earn you bonus starting experience points. Read on…

Background: 300 words or a little more would be nice… A few questions to help you get started:

1, List four words that best describe your character.
2, Where was he born?
3, Who/what’s your character’s family like?
4, What was unique about his childhood and/or training?
4, Why did he leave his homeland and choose to become an adventurer?
5, Does he have any key enemies or allies? Who are they?
6, Does your character have any likes/dislikes?

Aims: These should be specific to your character and represent something significant they seek to achieve. Trivial, simple things that pose no risk or challenge don’t count as aims.

Examples that are NOT valid Aims and will NOT earn you Experience:
• “Get out of bed in the morning”
• “Kill anything that moves and take its stuff”
• “Stay alive” – this is a given for any sane character!

Lesser Aims: (max. 6)
Generally these aims are shorter term and should be achievable within a single adventure (or two) and/or within a few months of in-game time. Often achieving one lesser aim will lead to beginning another aim leading on from the first creating a chain of ‘stepping stones’ towards a larger goal.

• Discover who the evil spirit named Gothyl is.
• Redeem myself for getting my companion killed by saving their life in return.
• Take vengeance on Toren for killing me!
• Hunt down Tierimar and see that he is brought to justice.
• Become a skilled Bladesinger

Greater Aims: (max. 3)
These are longer-term goals which are much harder to achieve. Generally it will take an entire campaign, or a good chunk of it, to achieve a greater aim. This may take place over several years of in-game time. As they are much more difficult, accordingly, greater aims will earn a character larger Experience awards when achieved.

• Destroy the Evil Overlord, thereby putting an end to his reign of terror.
• Gain enough fame, wealth and/or status to establish a keep and domain of my own including a cadre of servants and soldiers at my command.
• Find and reclaim the Sword of Destiny thereby redeeming my family name and honour and winning renown for myself.

Bonus Experience…

One page (250-300 words) = 500xp
Two pages (400-600 words) = 1,000xp
Three pages (700+ words) = 1,500xp

Lesser = 100xp each (max 6)
Greater = 200xp each (max 3)

Your character will also be awarded bonus Experience points if/when he achieves these goals, the amount will be determined by the difficulty of the Aim achieved.

Character Creation Rules

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